The R Creek Family Ranch is a non-profit organization on a mission to encourage families and young travellers to spend quality time together in nature, surrounded by animals, and immersed in creativity.

A year ago, the ranch relocated to a larger space in Bozeman. With a commitment to its mission, it was time to redesign its online presence and create a more engaging and visually appealing website that aligns with its identity, message and new surroundings.

The main objectives of the redesign were:

Redefining Visual Identity

We gave the website a complete makeover, using a color palette that reflects Montana’s natural beauty. We chose a wider and more robust font for easy reading by all age groups. Plus, we updated all the images to give future guests a real feel for life at the ranch.

User Experience Enhancements

The new navigation menu is more compact, taking up less space on the page. It seamlessly disappears as the user scrolls down the page, allowing for an unobstructed view of the content. As soon as the page is scrolled up, it appears again. In addition, we have prioritized clear calls-to-action, leading users to key areas of the site.

Showcasing Mission and Offerings

In the new homepage we’ve incorporated essential information, such as activities, a captivating photo gallery, volunteer opportunities, and accessible contact details. This ensures that users immediately grasp what the ranch has to offer and what to expect if they explore the site further. We also broke down the content on the “about” section into more manageable segments, where possible, presented in a storytelling format. This approach ensures that visitors are not bombarded with excessive text, making it easier for them to absorb and engage with the content.

Improving Blog Management

We didn't just focus on the website's look and user experience. We also made things easier on the back-end to manage the blog. We organized the CMS for the Ranch's blog and now, adding, editing, or updating content on the blog is a piece of cake. It allows the Ranch to easily share its stories, insights and updates.

Marlys Butler
Website Redesign
Webflow Development
Visual Identity
Website Copy Assistance