Aida's portrait in black & white

Hi! I’m Aida, a self-taught web designer and chronic continent hopper on a mission to find the best Martinis in town!

The Studio

Aida in Tulum

The idea of becoming a web designer sparked after I moved to Mexico. Post covid burst, in summer 2020.

Rainbow view from a rooftop balcony in Tulum
Photo of studio apartment in Mexico City with high ceilings and big windows.

The property manager of the apartment I was living in asked me to set up an Airbnb account for her, as she needed help adding the properties she was managing.

My intention was to help businesses on the hospitality industry, like small hotels and vacation rentals, build their online presence.

A laptop and a martini drink on a balcony in Ibiza

Not long after I was helping manage her account and dealing with inquiries and bookings. At this point is when I came up with the idea to build a website for her rental business.

A gif of a bottle of tequila with a shot glass

At the time I was working as a freelance video-editor. A new skill I learned while on lockdown. But I was so busy getting clients, learning and doing everything that I never took action on that thought.

A gif of a bottle of tequila filling up the shot glass

Countless hours of youtube tutorials, a mid-life crisis later and already on a new Mexican town, I decided it was time to turn that idea into a business.

Mountain and blue sky view from a workspace in San Diego

And so my focus shifted to web design, UX, and no-code website builders.

But before all that

Half portrait of Aida

I remember building my first website for my video-editing services from a GoDaddy template. I tried all the options available and font combinations only to have my website up for a month.

Photo of the sunset from an apartment in Tulum.

So when I discovered that I could design and build websites without learning code, a new door of possibilities opened up for me.

I wasn’t proud of it. I wanted a digital space that represented who I am and what I was doing.

Born in Mexico, established in the USA and currently being raised in Spain, Aida Oliva Studio became official in summer of 2022 to help entrepreneurs build their corner on the internet with the same passion and authenticity with which it was imagined.

Some things about me

Aida and her husband on a super moto in Black Rock desert, Nevada.

I backpacked Thailand in flip-flops for a month when I was 20, discovered that magic exists after my first Burning Man experience, and got raided by the Federales in a Mexican jungle.

Aida at Burning Man
Aida in London, walking by the canal in Hackney Wick

I lived in Ibiza, Amsterdam, London, San Diego, Mexico and Ibiza. In that order.

At age 21, after studying fashion styling in Barcelona, I moved to London to improve my English and spend 10 years of my life there. I went from working at student nights type of bars in Central London, to exclusive members-only casinos in the West End.

Aida on her bed office back in London learning t-shirt design.

My first solo-business idea was to design print-on-demand t-shirts.

Aida steering the wheel on a sailboat in Ibiza.

After a few OMG stories and with a new business under my arm, I’m back in Girona, my home town. But knowing me, everything can change at a click of a “buy flights now” button.

And yes ....Magic exists, but in the real world is called letting go.

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