Oliva Eats it’s a collection of restaurants and bars that I put together to share dining experiences from my travels and the cities I call home.

My taste goes from eating dollar tacos from street vendors in Mexico city to walking into Four Seasons Hotel Bar for a perfectly up Martini.

*Website coming soon.

Consider this project an extension of my about page, where I swap crowded tourists places for speak-easy table reservations and aperitivos at sunny rooftops.

*All pictures in this project are my own.

How it's built

The directory is built using components from the Relume library. You can easily filter restaurant options by city, cuisine, tags, and search thanks to Finsweet attributes. This powerful combination enabled me to design and build this website in just three days. The restaurant database is stored in Airtable, which made syncing with the Webflow CMS a breeze."

Directory Features

You can search for restaurants by city, cuisine, and relevant tags. Each listing provides information about the establishment, including its location, website, features, and an option to book when available. I also started a blog to delve deeper into some of my favorite bars and restaurants. Additionally, there's an integration with Mapbox that allows you to pinpoint locations directly on the maps.

My Mission & Vision

Oliva Eats is always growing, and through this, I hope fellow digital nomads and travelers can benefit by discovering the best eat spots. Food it’s also a way to learn about a place's culture and history. And I believe that great food can kickstart or conclude amazing experiences.

Dirty Martinis & Bubbles

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